Online physiotherapy

During these uncertain times Hexham Physio is offering video consultations online streaming live from a virtual therapy room.

How does online physiotherapy work? 

Your physiotherapist will carry out your appointment via a private chat room using an end to end encrypted platform provided by Rehab Guru or Power Diary.

During the consultation your physiotherapist will ask the same questions and carry out the same assessments that they would if they saw you in person. They will:

  • Ask about pain (location, intensity, what makes it better or worse and how does it impact on your daily activities etc…)
  • Assess your range of movement, strength and functional activities
  • Discuss your diagnosis
  • Create a treatment plan including goal setting, exercise prescription, education and guided self-manual therapy.

How do I book a video consultation?

You can book a consultation using the form on the website, or by phone 07731 952773.

How do I prepare for a video call?

Once the online appointment was scheduled you will receive an email with a link which will open the Rehab Guru or Power Diary in your browser. If you prefer to use your mobile phone or tablet for Rehab Guru we would advise to download the Rehab Guru client app (link will be provided).

Once you open the link you will be connected to the private physio room and your physio will start the video call. Please try to avoid refreshing the page as it might take a short while to load.

When you connect make sure your webcam is set up so your physio can assess and treat you effectively.

Please note that if you are using a laptop or desktop, you will experience the best results on Google Chrome.

How long will my online appointment last? 

Up to 30 minutes. Your appointment will follow the same stages of assessment and treatment as face to face appointment.

Why video and not telephone?  

More can be achieved via video than over telephone. Using video, we can complete a functional assessment, observe your range of movement and carry out modified testing to help with diagnosis.

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