Our revolutionary Posture and Gait Analysis System is designed to assess your gait and map out specific problems with the way you walk, run or play certain sports.

Who is it for?
Walking and running is more complicated than most people realise. It calls upon a number of joints, muscles and ligaments throughout the body.

Your gait is as unique and personal to you as your fingerprint. Genetics, previous injuries, your daily routine of motion, the weight of your backpack, your shoes, your office chair and a host of other factors come into play. In a sense, your distinctive gait tells the story of your journey in life.
The key role player in walking is the brain. It sends messages of discomfort or pain when you twist an ankle, overexert or wear shoes that are too tight. These distress signals tell your body that it needs to make adjustments to spare you pain or injury. Subconsciously, you pick up on the signals and change your gait to relieve the part of your body that’s in pain.

That's all well and good until other parts of your body have to carry the burden. The load is unevenly distributed. As some muscles have to work harder than others, they start complaining, in a manner of speaking, about the increased workload. You register their complains as pressure, tightness or pain.

Possible causes of postural imbalance leading to pain include the following:

  • Previous injuries
  • Scar tissue
  • Overworked muscles
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Aging
  • Improper exercise
  • The wrong shoes, a heavy handbag or anything that adversely affects walking
  • Ordinary stress

How is it done?
The system scans the body thoroughly from a static and dynamic point of view.

The procedure is very straight forward using dynamic sensors that can capture visually the body’s detail noting deviations from neutral positions. This will allow us to tailor a bespoke approach to the treatment and focus on the required corrections.

A pair of smart insoles with Bluetooth sensors will be inserted in the shoes then take a walk around for 1 minute without being confined to standing or walking on a mat. Sensors are able to feel the pressure and load distribution while walking or running. All the data collected by the sensors will be compared with an AI driven programme with its own million-level database through mature algorithms. After which a detailed personal gait report will be issued which indicates any gait abnormalities and risk analysis.

The system we use is the very latest technology and is not yet widely available. We are, we believe, only one of two Clinics in the UK with this technology at our disposal. By using sensing insoles that transmit data wirelessly it is possible to analyse real life situations over and above normal gait and posture analysis such as real time running or golf swings.

Our clinic is equipped with a treadmill to assist runners that could benefit from real time analysis.

Posture and gait analysis can help not only with posture correction but also with recommendation for related orthotic devices, education and awareness of the likely source of the pain and prevent recurrence.

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