Medical acupuncture

Medical acupuncture also called western acupuncture or dry needling is a variation of acupuncture that has gained popularity in Western cultures. Unlike traditional acupuncture, which uses energetic pathways to improve the flow of qi, medical acupuncture utilizes the knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

How does it work?
When the needle is inserted into the trigger point it causes a small lesion that stimulates the body into producing a localised twitch response. This leads to the prompt production of chemicals in the nervous pathways, which blocks the pain by disrupting the messages that are sent to the central nervous system. The trigger point, in turn, is able to relax and the tissue is restored to normal function.

We offer acupuncture as a stand-alone treatment if requested, however as chartered physiotherapists we will always carry out a full assessment on your first visit to ensure acupuncture is a suitable treatment for you and your condition.

Medical acupuncture can be used for:

  • tension headaches
  • neck pain
  • migraine
  • low back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • myofascial pain
  • joint pain from osteoarthritis

At Hexham Physio we offer medical acupuncture as a stand-alone treatment however, on your first visit, we will carry out an assessment to ensure that medical acupuncture is suitable for you and your condition.

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