Hexham Physio Reopening

Following recently updated guidance from NHS England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we are pleased to announce that we are able to offer face-to-face consultations, where clinically appropriate and necessary.  We shall also continue to offer remote consultations for patients. Any patients requesting a face-to-face consultation will first receive a brief telephone consultation/screening from our clinician to assess clinical need and screen for any additional risk factors.

Where assessed as appropriate patients will be offered a face-to-face consultation. After the initial face-to-face consultation, it will be agreed between the patient and therapist whether future treatment sessions can be delivered remotely or will be a need for ongoing face-to-face treatments.

Hexham Physio Clinic Reopening

  • Our clinic will be undergoing regular deep cleans to ensure we maintain highest levels of hygiene within the clinic. Industry recommended virucidal disinfectant cleaning products will be used to minimise the risk of contamination
  • Face to face appointments will only be offered to patients where effective treatment cannot reasonably be carried out remotely – patients will receive telephone/video screening consultation
  • All patients and staff are advised not to attend our clinic if they are displaying possible signs of COVID -19 or if they are shielding under current government guidelines. Patients and staff will be screened before their appointment for COVID-19 and will be temperature checked on entering the clinic and advised not to enter if their temperature is greater than 37.8. 
  • There will be only one patient and one clinician at the time in the clinic
  • The clinician will be wearing all the necessary PPEincluding surgical mask, gloves and aprons at all times during your appointment.  MSK Physiotherapy is deemed as non-aerosol generating, therefore, the use of FFP3 masks and full-length gowns is not   If there is any chance of ‘splash back’ from bodily fluids e.g. during exercise, acupuncture or manual therapy, your clinician will wear a visor or eye protection.
  • We will be extending our opening hours to spread the flow of patients evenly throughout the day
  • Between each patient we will allow 30 minutes to deep clean all surfaces using virucidal disinfectant and change the necessary PPE
  • We can guarantee you these measures will not affect your standard of care
COVID – Public Health England guidelines for PPE



https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data /file/886668/COVID-19_Infection_prevention_and_control_guidance_complete.pdf

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